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Moroccan oil Color Protect Silky Oil

Efficacy 1: Pure Organic Argan Oil: body, hair and nail care. Imported from Morocco, 2: Suitable for dry, damaged and fragile hair shining point star feeling. 3: Nourish and maintain a healthy complexion. Brighter and more smoothly hair Immediately improve dry, frizzy, hair effectively improve the bifurcation 2-3 drops of essential oil when hair is dry. Heat primer: You can use a hair dryer or curling wand before use, to minimize the extent of damage to the hair! 4. Use sunscreen: UV resistant, in a sunny place, or a few drops on the hair can reduce UV damage to the hair. 5. Use with Hair Mask: hair mask give the effect of doubling the absorption {added about 3 drops of essential oil and mix well to with hair mask, the effect of lifting 1-2 times after finishing}

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